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Prius Hybrid X

The New Toyota Hybrid-X!

The Hybrid X rewrites the design rule book for hybrid models with unconventional creative solutions that could become the norm for future hybrid designs. A key concept is Vibrant Clarity - a design ethos grounding all design work in a unique and emotionally vibrant identity that speaks clearly of Toyota. Offering sustainable mobility for modern families, the environmentally advanced technology is another step closer to Toyota's vision of a zero smog-forming emission future. Read More


Hybrids sooner rather than hybrids later.

Though environmental experts are divided on the impact of hybrids, financial experts couldn't be more inline. There is little doubt among them that the popularity of hybrid vehicles will strengthen in the coming years. In fact, many automakers continue to invest millions of dollars in half-gas, half-electric technology to keep pace with sales that are expected to grow exponentially.

It's not a bold prediction. As a greater variety of hybrid models are made available, consumers will be more inclined to "go green" because it is possible to drive a car they truly love and save the environment - at least a little bit - at the same time. In fact, Toyota's Prius could be eclipsed as the King of Hybrids. Gasp! Shocking, but true. The first automaker to take a bold step and offer a hybrid that is fuel-efficient, affordable, and most importantly handsome may steal the title. Read More

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